We provide support to shipowners with their newbuilding and ship management needs. The company’s management has extensive and proven experience working with newbuilding and ship management directly for shipowners, giving them strong insight in and understanding of the owner’s requirements. Our ambition is to leverage our knowhow to generate value for our clients, as if we were part of the in-house organization. The management has specialized competency within design, construction and operation of advanced chemical tankers, but also broad experience from other types of tankers.

We aim to:

  • Ensure your business ideas are taken care of  at the design and contract stage.
  • Make sure you have a sound contract and  specification, dealing with shipyards that  have the experience to deliver quality ships  on time.
  • Offer advice to shipowners and shipyards to  avoid misunderstanding, disagreements or  conflicts.
  • Go through the challenges with you to  safeguard your interest.
  • Support your goal to deliver safe, efficient,  reliable ships on budget and on schedule.
  • Stay with you during constructions and after  delivery advising on safe operation and  successful business.

  • Our Services

    • 01

      Newbuilding Services

  • Full project management, including site  team.
  • Specification development.
  • Project oversight, owners representative.
  • Shipyard survey and selection.
  • Stainless steel competency.
  • Contract review.
  • Support in negotiations.
  • NDT verification and NDT courses.
  • Machinery inspections and shop test  attendance.
  • Drawing approval.
  • Training for site team.
  • Fuel efficiency improvement.

    • 02

      Ship management services

  • Ship inspection and evaluation
  • In-depth purchase inspection
  • Audit and evaluation of technical manager
  • Supervision of vessel condition, maintenance, and operational performance
  • Fuel efficiency improvement
  • Drydocking management and support
  • Fleet management consulting
  • Change of owner, flag, class guidance
  • Technical advisory service
  • Arbitration technical witness

    • 03

      Stainless Steel Services

  • Chemical Tankers Expert advice for  Design and Construction.
  • Specialist in Evaluation of Stainless Cargo  Tank condition for vessel acquisitions.
  • In Service Inspections, repair and  treatment.